Soto Zen Buddhist priest (Japanese branch of Buddhism). Zen meditation practitioner since 1987. Ordained in 1995 by Master Roland Yuno Rech (France, Association Zen International). Reordained in 2008 as a disciple of Shohaku Okumura Roshi (Sanshin Zen Community, USA), Kaikyo is under the linage of Master Kodo Sawaki Roshi, his disciple Kosho Uchiyama Roshi, Okumura’s Roshi teacher. In 2010 she became Shusso (head monk) at Sanshin and celebrated Hossen-shiki ceremony. Kaikyo Sara Roby has translated diverse Buddhist texts from English and French in to Spanish. She is an authorized translator to Spanish of fundamental Zen Buddhist texts. Leads Kannon-An Soto Zen Center, her sangha, in Delray Beach, Florida, USA. She dedicates her creative and professional life to the transmission of the Zen practice.

Born American raised in Venezuela, she lives for many years in France where she studies and works as a dancer, teacher and choreographer touring Europe. Kaikyo has a solid formation in classic, modern, African and Japanese contemporary dance. She has practiced Yoga, Tai Chi y Qi-Qong.

In 1985 Kaikyo Sara Roby obtains a PhD in Sociology from Sorbonne University (Paris, France). Her research and dissertation looked into the topic of dance as an expression of the French social-political regulation system through guidelines of the body movements in society. The research received recommendation for publication.

In Venezuela, as a University professor in the Communication School of Andes University, she teaches and creates video, films, radio, dance and theater. She publishes poetry, plays, film scripts, as well as Zen and psychoanalysis articles.

Since 1992, Kaikyo Sara Roby has been profoundly related to the French Lacanian psychoanalytic practice and studies based in Paris, France and now in Miami and New York (USA). She is a graduated from their Institute (Institute for Studies and Research in Psychoanalysis) in Miami.

Kaikyo Sara Roby works since 2003 as a professional chaplain in a hospice inpatient unit for Vitas Healthcare Corporation. She has Clinical Pastoral Education training and is a Certified Bereavement Counselor. Work with life and death has profoundly influenced her life.

At the present time she continues to offer dance workshops, lectures about life, death, grief and bereavement issues as well as Zen and Buddhism in general, in and out of the country.

Kaikyo Sara Roby is an active member of Sanshinji Community Center (Bloomington, IN, USA); International Zen Association (AZI, Paris, France); Association for Death Education Counseling; New Lacanian School (Miami, Fl. USA); Association of Professional Chaplains (APC).

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